x Selected city is Gliwice.

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Number of players: 2-6 people / Time of the game: 60-80 minutes / Location: Gliwice / Pricing Select Englisch as a language Wybierz Polski jako język Select City


How much it costs?
It costs 100 PLN for 2-5 people or 120 PLN for 6 players (Zwyciestwa 50/8) It costs 150 PLN for 2-5 people or 180 PLN for 6 players (Zwyciestwa 17/1)
What will happen if we fail?
We will open the door and ask if you want to know solutions or try in another term.
Is it possible to cancel or change reservation?
Yes, but we ask to inform us about it as soon as possible.
What is the purpose of the game?
You have to escape from the closed mystery room without physical strength, during the specified time.
Is it possible to take part in the game with more players?
It's an absolutely maximum of 6 players.
Are riddles in rooms always the same?
Yes, excluding few details. We will inform about changes in rooms on the website and facebook.
We have larger group and we want to play in 2 or 3 rooms. What we have to do?
Book similar terms in the rooms (for example 17 and 17:15) and come together for earlier term (17).
When and how we should pay?
Payment should be done after game by cash, card or voucher. It is also possible to pay online in the booking system before the game.
How I can book a game?
Reservation is possible online on the website or by phone.
Is it the game for english-speaking people?
Yes. 90% of game elements are non-linguistic. For the rest you have to know polish or english in beginner level.
When we should come?
You should come 10 minutes before the game to know about game rules and listen introduction.
How I can buy voucher?
You can buy voucher in our office or online (http://openthelock.pl/en/oferta/4).
Do I have to wear any special clothes?
The rooms are clean so you don't get dirty. We recommend to dress comfortably.
What will happen if we want to leave the room before the end of the game?
You just need to inform moderator of the game about it, then the game will be stopped.
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